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Head giving swallower looking

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I'm a MWW hoping to find head giving swallower looking chemistry with a MWM. I am a 59 year old male living in Tucson. That loves to laugh looking for someone who loves to laugh and needs some attention. None picky m4w seeking to have free adult id good time with a nice female who isn't picky on the type of boy she wants to get it .

Age: 38
Relationship Status: Never Married
Seeking: I Searching Couples
City: Chicago, IL
Hair:Dishevelled waves
Relation Type: Seeking More M2m Experience

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Top definition.

To head giving swallower looking or swallow after oral sex is actually a false choice, since these are not the only two options. In fact most girls gay men as well choose swallowr swallow, or do not allow the man to come in their mouth at all.

Very few intentionally take a load in the mouth only to spit it back. So, spit or swallow, baby?

That'd be awesome! Term refering to what choice you make as to what to do with a mouthful of male love juice. Either way you are a cocksucking slut.

Spit or swallow? Contraction for "When performing fellatio does she spit out the seminal fluid or swallow?

The first question about every hot chick is whether or not she spits or swallows, whther they be a stud-muffin like myself, or a pencil necked geek like Ian. Ian's a geek!

Spit or Swallow unknown. When using the word spit it means that you spit out the boys semen when it has filled your mouth. To swallow means to drink the semen.

Swallow also means that you suck on boys dicks and you let their penis go deep into your throat. Do you spit or swallow hooker?

Swllower spit if it tastes like shit and swallows if its good. A game invented by Australian larakins by which one person has a mouth full of head giving swallower looking and the other s attempt to make them laugh so hard they either: In an attempt head giving swallower looking avoid a spit or swallow she bent onver in an attempt to hold it sluts in ceduna, only to be forehad wacked by his sswallower which made her spit it all.

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